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LEAK DETECTOR - Aerosol 650/400ML

Its formula has been designed for an ideal operation for a high sensitivity, but also for macro-leaks requiring a very high surface tension. Usable on all gases, except on pure oxygen at high pressure (> 150 bars).

Price €6.90 Tax excluded
€8.28 with taxes

DEGRIP 6 FUNCTIONS -Lubricating anti-corrosive desoxyde

Multifunctional product: degreasing, deoxidizing, lubricating, anticorrosion, cleaning, de-tarnishing. Clean, colorless, non-greasy, it is guaranteed without silicone or orthophosphoric acid and does not contain chlorinated solvents. It has decalcifying functions, it eliminates gumming and light...

Price €7.90 Tax excluded
€9.48 with taxes

GALVA BRILLIANT - Aerosol 650/400ML

Cold galvanizing spray with high zinc content recommended for a durable protection of all metal parts, ferrous or alloys. Provides galvanizing coatings of constant thickness, with a homogeneous and matt appearance.

Price €10.90 Tax excluded
€13.08 with taxes


Cleans and leaves surfaces shiny. Eliminates bad odors and gives a pleasant minty scent to treated areas. Does not leave traces or grease.

Price €7.90 Tax excluded
€9.48 with taxes

GREEN GREASE - Aerosol 650/400ML

The Green WR (Water Repellent) multifunctional grease contains an organic thickener superior to conventional greases: lithium-calcium soap.

Price €8.90 Tax excluded
€10.68 with taxes

Carburetor Cleaner - Aerosol 650/400ML

Carburetor cleaner is a mixture of aliphatic petroleum solvents and tonic solvents with strong dissolving, stripping and cleaning power.

Price €8.90 Tax excluded
€10.68 with taxes