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COPPER GREASE - Copper anti-seize paste HT

Grease for the assembly of static assemblies subjected to very high temperatures and aggressive environments. Allows disassembly. Dynamic lubrication of assemblies under tension, subjected to oscillations or shearing effects. Efficient, in static and in the presence of vibratory phenomena.

Price €12.90 Tax excluded
€15.48 with taxes

CHAIN GEAR GREASE ADH. -Adhesion power

The chain lubricant is a clean and foaming lubricant for chains, sprockets and open mechanical parts in all fields : industry, automotive. It is composed of mineral oil acting against wear, supporting extreme pressures and protecting against water penetration.

Price €11.61 Tax excluded Regular price €12.90
€13.93 with taxes
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MULTI-PURPOSE GREASE -Lithium/calcium soap base

A valuable aid to mechanical maintenance. It is indeed a universal grease. This product is able to considerably improve the working conditions of many mechanisms to be greased.

Price €6.60 Tax excluded
€7.92 with taxes

MACHINING OIL -All metals that are difficult to machine

Powerful friction reducer, lubricant, anti-weld, with exceptional film resistance. Allows excellent chip evacuation. Suitable for all sizes of drillings, including very small diameters.

Price €9.86 Tax excluded Regular price €10.96
€11.84 with taxes
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  • -10%

CUTTING FLUID -Emulsifiable, anti-corrosion

Chlorine-free, emulsifiable concentrate without additional sulphur for machining and grinding all ferrous and non-ferrous metals (copper and aluminium alloys). Non-foaming in water of low hardness. Lubricating properties ensure excellent surface finish and reduced tool wear.

Price €139.90 Tax excluded
€167.88 with taxes


Machining fluid for all types of operations. Can be used on all ferrous and non-ferrous metals, biostable, guaranteed not to cause any bacterial contamination, non-allergic.

Price €224.75 Tax excluded
€269.70 with taxes

LIGHT OIL - NSF precision lubricating oil

Fluid for lubricating lightly loaded precision mechanisms at low speeds but high cycle rates. Does not stain, is odourless and tasteless.

Price €78.90 Tax excluded
€94.68 with taxes

LUB SILICONE DRY AL -Multifunctional, non-greasy

Multi-purpose, low-fat product designed for difficult demoulding operations and lubrication problems in clean environments. Colourless, odourless product, particularly non-stick at interfaces. Perfectly film-forming, non-staining. Can also be used as a water repellent and gloss agent.

Price €10.90 Tax excluded
€13.08 with taxes

TEFLON DRY LUBRICANT -Anti-sticking agent

Teflon Dry Lubricant is a dispersion of polytetrafluoroethylene in a volatile non-chlorinated solvent. It forms a very thin white translucent film which ensures long-lasting lubrication without clogging, on all surfaces: plastics, metals, rubber, wood, etc

Price €12.90 Tax excluded
€15.48 with taxes