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EASY HAND SOAP - Vanilla scent

Hand soap formulated with raw materials ideal for frequent hand washing. Very fragrant & paraben free.

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OPRO MAIN - Manugel hand soap

Hand soap, apple fragrance, intended for washing in offices and communities. It does not attack the skin and can be used frequently.

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Liquid bactericidal cream for hand washing. Recommended in the sectors of restoration, food industry, communities, old people's home, nursery...

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AUTO DISTRIBUTOR - For liquid soap, capacity 0.5L

OPRODIS 1100 ml soap dispenser with automatic hand detection and translucent level indicator. Flow rate of 1 ml per dose. Compatible with hydroalcoholic gel. 4 batteries 1.5 V Type LR6 (AA) not included.

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SOAP ATELIER - Orange scent

Very soft cleaning paste based on coconut oil that allows a gentle cleaning of the hands. Contains cleaning elements based on natural non-alkaline products, without solvent.

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Workshop soap in powder form, manufactured on a vegetable base, micronized cellulose of pine wood and pure essential oil of lavandin. Solvent-free, no aggressive fillers. Neutralizes bad odors and leaves a pleasant scent.

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CLEANING WIPES - For hands and surfaces

Wipes impregnated with a cleaning and degreasing solution for hands and surfaces. Removes oil, grease, tar, glue, fresh paint, printing ink, pen ink, felt-tip pens, toner, gasoline and diesel odors..

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Solvent-free workshop gel for washing heavily soiled hands (sludge, tar, paint, grease, carbides and greasy inks)

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ALPHAPAK DISPENSER - For Klint 5L soap cartridge

With its ergonomic lever that allows the soap to be dispensed with the elbow, this dispenser has been designed for hygienic environments. The sobriety of the holder allows you to see how much soap is left, before changing the 5000mL refill, with ease.

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HYDRO-ALCOHOLIC GEL - For pedal totems - 1L can

Hydro-alcoholic gel formulated to guarantee an effective cleaning and a good hygiene of the hands by leaving the skin delicately perfumed, clean and soft. Prepared ready to use, quick drying without rinsing.

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ELIFOAM SOAP - Linen flower scent

ELIFOAM HANDS - Linen flower fragrance Foaming liquid for hand cleaning - Gently cleans hands Based on ingredients of vegetable origin.

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