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For small dishwashers and glasswashers. Detergent with bleaching and sanitizing action. Active on all types of dirt. Suitable for all types of water.

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Tri-layer tablet (blue/white/white) designed for automatic machine washing. It provides at least 5 actions for an optimum washing of the dishes in machine and glass washer: washing, rinsing, salt, glass protection, metal protection (machine and cutlery). Active oxygen based tablets.

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DISHWASHING TOOL - With active oxygen

The dishwasher tablets are particularly recommended for dishwashing in industrial machines, in single-bath machines (shining action, descaling, protection of metals and glass).

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PRO TARTRE - Descaler, disinfectant, phosphate remover

Multi-purpose acid product for descaling and disinfecting all types of supports and equipment in kitchens: washing machines, water baths, stainless steel equipment, hot tables, coffee machines, percolators

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SOFTENING SALT - For dishwasher

Regenerating Salt Machine is a salt specially adapted to dishwasher resins. Slow dissolution of the salt protects and regenerates the dishwasher resins

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