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Multi-directional machine, ideal for cleaning in every nook and cranny and in every direction, including under furniture and shelves.

Price €2,326.90 Tax excluded
€2,792.28 with taxes

VIPER SELF-CLEANING MACHINE - AS4325, battery operated

Intuitive controls, excellent tank capacity, and ergonomic handling help ensure that cleaning operations are accomplished without overloading your operators or increasing your costs.

Price €2,990.00 Tax excluded
€3,588.00 with taxes


Highly productive self-propelled battery-powered machine: large battery capacity and long tank life for hours of cleaning.

Price €5,990.00 Tax excluded
€7,188.00 with taxes

VIPER DRIVER - AS710R, battery operated

Ideal machine for the daily maintenance of medium-sized areas, such as subway stations, parking lots, schools, hotels, public buildings, gymnasiums and crowded commercial environments over 5,000 m2.

Price €11,115.90 Tax excluded
€13,339.08 with taxes

VIPER DS350 -High speed, 1500/1800W, 52.7KG

The DS 350 dual speed single disc machine is designed for hard floor maintenance. Ergonomically designed, it is robust and reliable. Ideal for daily cleaning, it comes complete with tank, tray and brush.

Price €1,043.90 Tax excluded
€1,252.68 with taxes

SELF-WASHING MACHINE - Multiwash II 340 Pump

Multi-purpose, multi-functional scrubber-dryer, providing a high level of performance and great comfort of use, on all surfaces, in all circumstances.

Price €3,199.90 Tax excluded
€3,839.88 with taxes


Powerful, efficient and streak-free, the 244NX Lithium Battery Scrubber-Dryer is designed to work with you day in and day out, no matter what your work environment. Ultra maneuverable and lightweight, it's easy to use and fits into congested areas for controlled, effortless floor cleaning. Weight...

Price €3,290.00 Tax excluded
€3,948.00 with taxes