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ORGANIC SOLVENT - 12 functions

Degreaser, lubricant, degreaser, deoxidizer, tar remover, ink remover, fresh paint remover, glue remover, resin remover, sticker remover, putty remover, marker remover.

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DECOLLE ETIQUETTES - Solvent-based, quick drying

The label remover is a solvent specially designed to remove glue, dirt and various deposits. Removes adhesive labels. Dissolves all types of glue. Powerful, but can be used on most surfaces. Dries quickly, does not leave any trace or deposit.

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BRAKE CLEANER -Degreaser, de-crosslinker

high KB solvent mixture for cleaning and maintaining all brake system components. Brake pads, disc-cylinders, calipers, drums. It is compatible and effective on all types of brakes, cast iron, composite, ceramic, carbon/carbon.

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BRAKE CLEANER - Chlorine free

Allows to degrease, clean and deoxidize all parts of the braking system in order to improve its performance. Removes resin, silicone, lubricant and carbon residues from brake pads. More generally, it can be used in industrial cold degreasing, it eliminates fine oxide particles.

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DEGRAIS' FLASH - Fast degreaser

Mixture of powerful solvents that dissolve organic matter. This degreaser evaporates and dries very quickly.

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New generation solvent with very effective cleaning and degreasing action (IKB higher than 240) and instant drying that leaves no residue after evaporation. Allows the rapid cold removal of grease, sludge, mineral and vegetable oils, glues, waxes, inks, certain paints and varnishes.

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