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DEGRIP 6 FUNCTIONS -Lubricating anti-corrosive desoxyde

Multifunctional product: degreasing, deoxidizing, lubricating, anticorrosion, cleaning, de-tarnishing. Clean, colorless, non-greasy, it is guaranteed without silicone or orthophosphoric acid and does not contain chlorinated solvents. It has decalcifying functions, it eliminates gumming and light...

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De-seals, de-tars, lubricates, acts against corrosion and humidity and reduces friction. After de-sealing, it allows excellent lubrication of the assemblies thanks to the extremely low friction coefficient of the PTFE powder.

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PASSIVE WASHER - Metal parts before painting

Specially developed for the derusting and passivation of metal parts before painting. Treatment for baths without rinsing. Miscible in all proportions in water. Increases paint adhesion to substrates.

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