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MACHINING OIL -All metals that are difficult to machine

Powerful friction reducer, lubricant, anti-weld, with exceptional film resistance. Allows excellent chip evacuation. Suitable for all sizes of drillings, including very small diameters.

Price €10.96 Tax excluded
€13.15 with taxes

CUTTING FLUID -Emulsifiable, anti-corrosion

Chlorine-free, emulsifiable concentrate without additional sulphur for machining and grinding all ferrous and non-ferrous metals (copper and aluminium alloys). Non-foaming in water of low hardness. Lubricating properties ensure excellent surface finish and reduced tool wear.

Price €36.90 Tax excluded
€44.28 with taxes


Machining fluid for all types of operations. Can be used on all ferrous and non-ferrous metals, biostable, guaranteed not to cause any bacterial contamination, non-allergic.

Price €249.00 Tax excluded
€298.80 with taxes

LIGHT OIL - NSF precision lubricating oil

Fluid for lubricating lightly loaded precision mechanisms at low speeds but high cycle rates. Does not stain, is odourless and tasteless.

Price €76.90 Tax excluded
€92.28 with taxes

LUB SILICONE DRY AL -Multifunctional, non-greasy

Multi-purpose, low-fat product designed for difficult demoulding operations and lubrication problems in clean environments. Colourless, odourless product, particularly non-stick at interfaces. Perfectly film-forming, non-staining. Can also be used as a water repellent and gloss agent.

Price €11.90 Tax excluded
€14.28 with taxes

TEFLON DRY LUBRICANT -Anti-sticking agent

Teflon Dry Lubricant is a dispersion of polytetrafluoroethylene in a volatile non-chlorinated solvent. It forms a very thin white translucent film which ensures long-lasting lubrication without clogging, on all surfaces: plastics, metals, rubber, wood, etc

Price €12.90 Tax excluded
€15.48 with taxes