DEGRIP 6 FUNCTIONS -Lubricating anti-corrosive desoxyde

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Multifunctional product: degreasing, deoxidizing, lubricating, anticorrosion, cleaning, de-tarnishing. Clean, colorless, non-greasy, it is guaranteed without silicone or orthophosphoric acid and does not contain chlorinated solvents. It has decalcifying functions, it eliminates gumming and light or heavy hydrocarbons. It avoids sparking and does not resinify.

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6-function super degreaser aerosol: degrip'6 fx.

  • Fast-acting de-sealer.
  • Highly penetrating and deoxidizing.
  • Anti-wear lubricant test srv 0,095.
  • Static and dynamic anti-corrosion.
  • Cleaner of oils, greases, inorganic pollutions.
  • Immediate effect deodorant.


Dégrip'6 Fx is multi-purpose: degreasing, deoxidizing, lubricating, anti-corrosion, cleaning, de-tarnishing. Clean, colorless, non-greasy, it is guaranteed without silicone or orthophosphoric acid and does not contain chlorinated solvents. It has decalcifying functions, it eliminates gumming and light or heavy hydrocarbons. It prevents sparking and does not resinify. This product is neutral, without base or acid, without oxidizer or reducer. It is stable, with a remarkable surface tension. No unpleasant petroleum odor (natural pine scent). No photochemical reactivity. Non-irritating product. Very low surface tension. Vapor pressure at maximum use temperature is low. Water repellent, can be used on wet surfaces. This product is compatible with all plastic and elastomer materials and does not attack paints.

Areas of use

Telescopic antennas Degumming of machine tool slides
Buildings (cleaning and reviving of surfaces Degreasing of chains
Nuts and bolts, ball joints, pins Removal of burnt grease from bearings
Sheathed cables Pivots, axes
Body shops (tarring) General maintenance
Hinges Slides
Columns Guides
Electromechanical contacts

Instructions for use

  • Shake the aerosol for a few seconds.
  • Spray on the organs to be treated without excess. Aerosol can be used in all positions.

Dangerous. Respect the precautions of use

More lubricating, anti-wear

The SRV friction test is used to determine a coefficient of friction; the lower the coefficient of friction :

  • The lower the energy consumption.
  • The lower the disassembly effort.
  • The more the operating noise is reduced.

As can be seen in the graph below, the 6-FUNCTION DEGRIPPER provides an extremely low and consistent coefficient of friction. The graph shows the absence of peaks, which indicate seizure problems between surfaces. These same peaks for a conventional and a so-called "high quality" degreaser highlight the low lubricity of some degreasers.


The IP 239 standard allows for two parameters:

the cavity diameter and the welding load.

  • The smaller the cavity diameter, the better the anti-weld characteristics of the product.
  • The higher the weld load, the higher the load resistance of the product.

Tests show that the 6-FUNCTION DEGRIPPER has high anti-welding qualities and a strong resistance to load.

DP6 - Courbes DP6 - Courbes DP6 - Courbes

More Penetrating


  • A very low surface tension of 24.2 dynes/cm, according to the ISO 6295 standard, which ensures a high capillarity of the product, facilitated by its specific active components, which allows to reach all mechanisms, even with low roughness or play.
  • A strong adsorption capacity by the surfaces, making easier the disintegration of the oxides, during a mechanical action of disassembling. The MIL A 907 E/D standard allows for the measurement of loosening forces expressed in Newton per meter. The results of the tests carried out indicate very low loosening forces after using the 6-FUNCTION DEGRIPPER.

Plus pénétrant


63,000 volt breakdown according to IEC 156.
It has high dielectric characteristics. The 6-FUNCTION DEGRIPPER is used for the maintenance of returnable electrical equipment.

More protective

In internationally recognized tests, the 6-FUNCTION DEGRIPPER shows that its protective film is able to act as an effective "protective oil" that stops and prevents rust and oxidation for a long time.

Protecteur Protecteur


  • Easy release of assemblies, tools and mechanical parts.
  • Effective anti-seize power when used in assembly.
  • Better conservation of the parts even in aggressive conditions, such as in maritime transport.


The 6-FUNCTION DEGRIPPER is a guarantee:

  • For the environment
    The 6-FUNCTION DEGRIPPER is guaranteed free of CFCs suspected of destroying the ozone layer in the stratosphere, and free of Butane-Propane suspected of creating excess ozone in the tropospheric layer.
  • For the user:
    The 6-FUNCTION DEGRIPPER is guaranteed free of chlorinated solvents such as PER, TRI and methylene chloride, which are class 3 carcinogens. It is totally free of aromatic or benzene compounds. Unlike butane-propelled aerosols, it cancels out the risk of accidental flashback. Thanks to its non-flammable and non-explosive propellant, it avoids the possibility of saturation in confined spaces.
    The 6-FUNCTION DEGRIPPER is compatible with all materials with which it is in contact: metals, plastics, coated surfaces.
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Typical physico-chemical characteristics

Features Standards Values Units
Aspect Visual fluid -
Color Visual amber -
Odor Olfactory pine -
Density at 25°C NF EN ISO 12185 830 kg/m3
Refractive index ISO 5661 1,4550 -
Freezing point ISO 3016 -20 °C
Solubility in water - 0 %
Kinematic viscosity at 40°C NF EN 3104 2,1 mm²/s
Acid number EN 14104 mg(KOH)/g
Iodine Index NF EN 14111 0 gI2/100g
Water content NF ISO 6296 ppm

Performance characteristics as a degreasing solvent

Features Standards Values Units
KB Index ASTM D 1133 97 -
Evaporation rate - 70 min
Surface tension at 20°C ISO 6295 24,2 Dynes/cm
Breakdown voltage at 20°C NF EN 60156 / IEC 156 63 kV
Copper blade corrosion 100h at 40°C ISO 2160 1a Quotation

Performance characteristics as a lubricant

Features Standards Values Units
SRV Friction Test ASTM D 5707 0,09 Coefficient
4-ball Shell Test
Cavity diameter
IP 239
ASTM D 2596
0,52 mm
Shell 4 ball test
ICS welding load
IP 239
ASTM D 2596
3200 daN
Noise reduction potential GRW method -20 dB

Fire safety features

Features Standards Values Units
Flash point (closed cup) ISO 2719 64 °C
Auto-ignition point ASTM E 659 230 °C
Lower Explosive Limit NF EN 1839 1 % (volumetric)
Upper Explosive Limit NF EN 1839 7 % (volumetric)

Toxicological characteristics

Features Standards Values Units
Anisidine Index NF ISO 6885 0 -
Peroxide value NF ISO 3960 0 meq(O2)/kg
TOTOX (anisidine index+2x peroxide index) - 0 -
Content of CMR, irritant and corrosive substances CLP Regulation 0 %
Residual methanol content from transesterification GC-MS 0 %
Aldehyde content GC-MS 0 ppm

Environmental characteristics

Features Standards Values Units
Danger to water WGK Germany 1 class
Partition index n-octanol water
OECD 107 log KOW
Vapor pressure at 20°C NF EN 13016-1 0,25 hPa
Benzene content ASTM D6229 0 %
Total halogen content Calorimetric bomb
0 ppm
Chlorinated solvent content - 0
Aromatic solvent content - 0
Content of environmentally hazardous substances CLP Regulation 0 %
Content of compounds with GWP - 0 %
Content of compounds with ODP - 0 %
Carbon footprint, life cycle analysis. ISO 14040 6,25 Kg Carbon equivalent


Oprodis declines all responsibility for any damage caused by improper use of the product.
Keep out of reach of children. For chemicals, Safety Data Sheet available on request.

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