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HAND CLEANER PRODUCT - The real thing - 1L can

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Catering professionals, local authorities, cafés, hotels, restaurants, food service businesses... canteens, central kitchens..

Product benefits

  • Degreases and shines without leaving a trace: extra efficient
  • Easy rinsing
  • Suitable for food contact after rinsing with drinking water
  • Mild product for the hands, neutral pH
  • Very concentrated product
  • Unique scent: fruity scent
  • Product designed and manufactured in France
  • Limited VOC content: 0.25

Field of use

VRAI PROFESSIONAL HAND DRINK is a highly degreasing formula that acts effectively on all types of dirt and grease deposits. It leaves the dishes shiny and without trace. Its neutral pH in dilution makes it a gentle product for the hands. Maximum efficiency in hot water.


  • Manual: 0.25% to 0.5
  • Characteristics
  • Appearance: clear liquid
  • Color: green
  • Odor: fruity
  • Density (20° C) : 1,04 g/cm3
  • pH in dilution: neutral 7.4 (fresh water base, TH 8°f)

Environment and safety

  • Complies with European regulation n°648/2004 on detergents: easily biodegradable surfactants according to OECD 301 standard.
  • Recyclable packaging.
  • Complies with the decree of 19/12/2013 on cleaning products intended for surfaces that may come into contact with foodstuffs (mandatory rinsing).

The rigorous selection of our Landes Pine derivatives, chosen for their properties in hygiene and cleanliness, guarantees the detergent, degreasing or odorizing efficiency of our formulations. It contributes to the safety of the users and the respect of the environment.


Less than 5%: non-ionic surfactants, amphoteric surfactants; 5% or more, but less than 15%: anionic surfactants; fragrances (benzyl benzoate, hexyl cinnamal).

Precautions for use

Attetion CAUTION
Causes severe eye irritation. Keep out of reach of children. If medical attention is needed, have container or label available. Wear protective gloves and eye protection. First aid instructions: In case of contact with eyes: rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses if worn and if they can be easily removed. Continue rinsing. If eye irritation persists: seek medical attention. Dangerous. Follow safety precautions. Material Safety Data Sheets available at

Logistic details

1L 5L
Code Action Pin 4111 4094
Gencod 3 325740 040954 3 325740 040947
Net weight 1,04 Kg 5,18 Kg
Gross weight 1,08 Kg 5,36Kg
Dim. uv in mm H.246 x L.93 x W.76 H.291 x L.186 x W.126,5
Nb uv / box 6 4
Palletization 4 layers of 20 cartons or 80 cartons (480 uv). 4 layers of 8 cartons or 32 cartons (128 uv).


Oprodis declines all responsibility for any damage caused by improper use of the product.
Keep out of reach of children. For chemicals, Safety Data Sheet available on request.

Technical Data

Action Pin - Le Vrai Professionnel
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